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"Honestly, I won't do hiring without this tool again...
1) All my applications get captured into one coherent place instead of landing in my nightmare of an e-mail inbox
2) I can visualize where each applicant is in the process and write notes to myself on their progress"
Ian Crosby
CEO, 10Sheet
"HireFlo made it so easy to advertise our job openings online. Our applicant pool has tripled and HireFlo makes it so easy to sort through the applicants.
My manager and I love how we can collaborate and make notes. I can track my manager's progress on hiring with out asking her for updates everyday!"
Dr. Chris Swanson
Complete Eye Care
"My favorite part is the good old fashioned customer service from Rudy.
After testing out the app, I received a nice simple reply from Rudy asking if we had any feedback. Of course I had feedback and a small question (always trying to make things better!)
Right away, I received a reply back with answers and updates in a super friendly tone."
Kandra Churchwell
Creative Director,
Phases Design Studio
"We have been a user of the HireFlo program for about 6 months now and it has been a lifesaver. As a newly started business our budgets are very tight, so when we found HireFlo it was something that we just had to try.
HireFlo provides a GREAT system that is easy to use and has successfully helped me locate my last 4 employees with no additional charges."
David Plank
National Sales Director,
Resident Research
Install jobs page on your company website in minutes
Just copy a few lines of HTML onto your company website and you'll start displaying jobs and collecting resumes. HireFlo works on Wordpress, SquareSpace, custom built PHP, ASP, Ruby... really any website.
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Post to free job boards and social networks
HireFlo sends your open jobs to free job boards like SimplyHired, Glassdoor, and JuJu, plus you can share your jobs on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
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$149 monster postings
HireFlo customers can take advantage of a discounted $149 price on monster 30 day job postings (these usually cost $399). Some restrictions apply.
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Review resumes in HireFlo instead of your email inbox
Applicants go into your HireFlo resume database where they can be reviewed, rated, and commented on.
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Know where each applicant is in your hiring process
Use the HireFlo Funnel to know exactly which applicants have been reviewed, called, interviewed, and hired.
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Track which sources produce the best applicants
Job postings and social networks are expensive in time and money. HireFlo shows where your applicants come from so you'll know what's working and what isn't.
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Spend less time screening resumes
Delegate the time consuming initial resume screen and present only qualified resumes to your hiring manager.
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